Saturday, 30 October 2010

Narrative Project

These two images were created for a narrative project, to illustrate the short story 'Oubliette' by Gary Somethingorother.
Essentially its about a very confused man trying to decide whether he's mad or not.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


A mock editorial project. We were given a few articles and had to illustrate one of them.
The article I chose was a New Scientist piece talking about the possibilities of changing things you hear into visual images.
It can be read here

The illustration is made with black card, and lots of poked holes and cut out shapes. The final image is a photograph of the piece on a lightbox.
The image shows a stream of glowing dots coming out of a woman's eyes, butterflies made out of ears and more white dotted patterns. The butterflies represent a new freedom and beauty that this technology hopes to provide. While the white dots remind the viewer of braille, and of the experience described in the article of different positioned dots representing different sounds.

Body organs project

We were each given a few words and had to create 2 contextual illustrations based on the word. I had 'body organs' and made one image showing the effect of a literal brainstorm, and another which imagines a world where pigs are using footballs made out of human organs.