Sunday, 15 August 2010


To further develop the way of working i sort of stumbled across for my last project, ive been doing some more pieces with a similar graphic feel.
This first one is an image inspired by the famous chestburster scene from Alien that Im sure most people are aware of.

Ive got a few images to show how the final piece comes about.

Firstly, this image shows the initial sketching, note making and experimenting with cutting the black card.

Next, i draw out and cut the final design, creating the black stencil like frame, which i will later stick coloured paper to the underside of.

Before sticking the paper on, i like to use them as stencils.

The final step before sticking on the paper, lighting them from behind and taking the photos, is to scan the black stencils, and to colour them digitally, in order to work out colour schemes, various shades and whatnot. Obviously the final image will appear differently, due to the nature of the light, the paper thickness and quality, and the photo, but this is enough for a rough guide.

Photo of the final created image

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