Thursday, 9 September 2010

"The Importance of Being Eager: The Art of Making Friends at University" Part 1

I did some illustrations for some of beautifully crafted words of Dominic Fogg for Hullfire, the Hull university magazine. These are the other 3.

Find people insipid and annoying? Snort all and any available substances until they become more bearable.

Why did Jesus only have twelve mates? Because he had principles. A rookie error in the art of making friends. I may be a chain smoking alcoholic who is failing my degree, but I’ve got six hundred friends on facebook! Sacrifice all sense of moral judgement because, let’s face it, individualism is for egocentric pricks!

Thought G-Unit was dead? That happy slappers were childish? Think again! Make an exclusive gang, wear the same clothes and ride a tandem bicycle. Popularity guaranteed.

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